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Help With Interesting Math Problems

Mathematics is not only about mechanically doing sums and to solve math problems, but training the mind to think critically. In a mathematics class, one needs to encourage and motivate students to think “out of the box” and Help With Math Problems to get rid of the fear of “numbers”; the classes need to be […]

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Why is mental math so important?

Mental math is the practice of doing calculations in one’s head without the need of paper, pen or calculator. One can think of it as manipulating numbers in the mind. We do mental maths every day; when thinking of how much time is left for the class to get over; or when calculating the number […]

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Reading habits among children – A key ingredient for success

Reading habits have a profound impact on the academic achievements of children. Research has shown that reading for pleasure also helps to improve a child’s maths scores. While it is clear that reading helps to improve vocabularies, it also improves a child’s ability to take on new information, ideas and new concepts. Reading helps to […]

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Why Pi (π)?

The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is equal to equal to 3.14159265358979323846… (the digits go on forever without repeating).Pi is denoted by the Greek alphabet π, pronounced ‘pie’ and is the most common constant used in mathematics. A rough approximation is 22/7 (=3.1428571…) but that is not very accurate.Regardless of […]

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Math Facts

• Mathematics is used in different kinds of jobs including engineering,science,medicine and more • A shape with twenty sides is called an icosagon • A ‘googolplex’ is the number 1 followed by a googol zeros, this number is so big that it can’t be written   as there isn’t enough room in the universe to […]

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